Thursday, August 16, 2012

Union Quilters Review....

I really liked the beginning of this book, but by the middle not so much. I thought it was really odd that the author kept on switching from one character's viewpoint and then stayed with one for a really long time (almost until you believed it was just them in thebook) and then to someone else's viewpoint. Some characters only had their viewpoint known one or two times, and it just seemed odd and out of place. Plus when one of them lose their husband, you would think that the character would say what their emotions were but nothing, and the character isn't mentoned until approximately four months later. It was as if halfway through that the author gave up or something. I did think it was good, and I have read a few of her other books, but this one just seemed really choppy. I rank this a 3 out of 5. One thing I was surprised that the raiders didn't come before they did, as I figured there would have been a lot of pressure and resentment for Hans not fighting at all on either side. Of course that isn't right, and each person should be able to make their own decisions. One of my relatives lived in TN but ended up fighting for the Union, needless to say it wasn't popular with the neighbors, and while he was out fighting his wife and children were kicked off their land. The family ended up leaving TN, while the husband was still fighting and he ended up dying during the war in 1864. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetary.


  1. In my part of western NC sentiment was much divided during the Civil War. Most just wanted to have nothing to do with it; others fought for the side that conscripted them. I know of one fella who fought first for one side and then for the other.

    1. It is sad that the civil war caused some families, neighbors and friends to be torn apart.