Thursday, June 26, 2014

Random Things.....

I can hardly believe it has been over a month since my last post. Recently,  I took a class by Bonnie Hunter called Virginia Bound, and am only halfway done with one block (I think the finished size is 15 inches). Over this weekend I hope to complete the first block, not sure if I will make more, and then I will post a picture. I finally was able to find a frame for a Tinkerbell counted cross stitch gift I made for one of my nieces. The background was already done in the kit, so I just worked on Tinkerbell. When I was making this years ago (it took me awhile to make and then I put this up in a "safe place" and then thought I had lost it), it was the biggest project I had ever worked on at the time. The picture was an odd size so it was really hard to find a frame, who knew?

Tomorrow I plan on making homemade pasta sauce, I did this several months ago and it was really good. Unfortunately, I thought I had saved the recipe, but now can't find it. I hope another one I have found will be just as good. I will be making some homemade parmesan reggiano and pecornio romano bread to go with it.

This week it has been warm here, so Dexter and I are just hanging out (literally in his case) in the nice AC.