Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why I Read The Classics.....

Well, for a number of reasons, but the simpliest one is that I gradually over the years purchased so many of them. A few of the books I got because I had seen the movie version and enjoyed it, so I wanted to see how the book would compare. Some books piqued my interest, especially those focusing on society or social issues.  I am a huge fan of history so perhaps the books which focus more on society kind of go hand in hand with my wanting to know more. Besides who could tell a story better about how a society was/is than a book which was written in that same time frame? Anyways, of course other times people have mentioned a few classics to me that they enjoyed. I look forward to finding new authors and books that I may not have otherwise found. I enjoy also finding the lesser known books from famous authors that are just as good, as the celebrated works. It is a shame though when that happens, that some people will only read the famous works of authors and not try to read some of the lesser ones.

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