Sunday, June 2, 2013

Classic Club Spin...and tv shows

The number chosen for the classic club spin was 6, so I have started reading The Railway Children. I still need to get back to reading The Heart of Darkness too as well for my regular classic club book (I have been a little slow on reading it).

Lately, I have started watching some BBC shows (as well as those taking place in the UK) and really enjoyed them. Unfortunately most of them are now off the air in the UK so no new episodes, but still I enjoy the reruns that are aired here in the states. I have even gotten some of them on DVD, books that were the original inspiration of the show, and sadly even one show is not available for region 1 dvd (so sad). Here are the shows, does anyone else have some favorite new shows they have found?

Amazon has Black Books available for instant viewing.

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Sadly the DVD's for Ladies of Letters is only available for region 2. However, at least the book that was the inspiration for the tv show is available to read!

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Love this show, which combines mystery drama with gardening in various ways. I couldn't resist getting all of the seasons of Rosemary and Thyme.
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We watched all ten seasons of this MI-5, and sadly missing that there will not be any new ones.
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At least we are still able to enjoy watching Dr. Who.
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Love this series about rural life in the UK during the 1800's, can't wait to read the book.

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Can't wait until the new season of Foyle's War comes on and that of Downton Abbey!


  1. I have enjoyed Call the Midwives, which is also a BBC show that takes place in the 1950's in London, I think.

    1. I have tried to get into that series, but haven't been able to yet. Perhaps I will need to give it another try. I also liked the Bletchley Circle