Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Quilt Retreat Photos

I have gotten behind in posting photos of quilts lately. Every year I go with members of my quilt guild on a retreat, it occurs about a month after our annual quilt show (I still need to post photos of those quilts as well). Enjoy the photos!

This first quilt is mine, it is a string quilt made of 1930's reproduction fabric.  Two years ago I did a block exchange and gave out the fabric to various other members and told them to add some of their own 1930's fabric to the ones I provided. At the first retreat I went to I pieced the blocks together, but never did actually quilt it. This year I knew I needed to get it done, but what should I do with the quilt? I had run out of the fabric I had given out, so I couldn't make more (most of the blocks have a at least one fabric that is the same throughout). So I just decided to give it as a gift to one of my grandmothers as a lap quilt. I think she will really enjoy it with the cheery fabric.

This block I made as the President of our quilt guild on the trip broke her hip and needed emergency surgery. Her favorite color is red so, all of us at the retreat made one block, the quilt top is in the photos below.

The view from outside of the room I stayed in.

I love this quilt pattern. I will be making one similar in July when I take a class from Bonnie Hunter.

 A small creek on the retreat property.

 This is the quilt top all complete of everyone's quilt block they made as a gift for a speedy recovery of our quilt guild President.

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