Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What I have been up to lately....

I have been reading and studying for this.....

it is a jammed packed class as it is only six weeks instead of the normal sixteen. So what is one to do with a 20-30 minute break between a four hour class to relax?

Hand piecing of course! Here are two pictures of a 1930's tumbler table runner I am making. I have since gotten a lot more completed, but just haven't taken more pictures.

I also want to make a civil war quilt, of my own design as it will be in memoriam of an ancestor, and have been putting together triangles. I think perhaps I might use the triangles for a border, but not sure yet. I have gotten a little more done, that are not in the pictures.

While walking around campus, the lake always have a few geese, but I have never seen them outside of it. Last week, I saw a few of them have decided to venture out and about as they have gotten curious.

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