Friday, November 27, 2015


Yesterday it being Thanksgiving while I live, I made sure we had a good dinner. I made the turkey in the slow cooker, with a rub this time instead of a marinade. Unfortunately, it didn't have much flavor, so next time I will go back with the marinade. I had homemade dinner rolls, although they weren't the traditional kind. Sweet potatos with marshmellows and mashed potatos with sage, green beans with salt pepper and a little bit of butter. Summer sausage, cheese and crackers as a appetizer/snack. For the dessert I made a chocolate pie.

The pie needed to set longer but we wanted to go ahead and start eating it. Our cat of course wanted some food, normally he only gets his dried cat food for the rest of the year, but during this time we give him a little turkey. He liked it and after that was asleep for about five hrs off and on.

Perhaps it was a little bit of too much activity for him, lol.

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