Friday, January 1, 2016

Midwest Readathon Challenge 2016 - Jan.

Welcome to the Midwest Readathon Challenge 2016! People can join anytime they prefer or read any number of books. Find out more about the rules here. So what is the first book you will be reading for this challenge? For some states I automatically knew what author I was going to pick, others I had not a clue. I just randomly would pick a name and then read about the authors books until I found one that interested me. I found out some authors had pretty interesting lives. Every month in my post I will give a little background information on each author and town they were born in.

Oscar Micheaux.jpgThe first book I will be reading is by the author Oscar Micheaux called the Homesteader. He was born in Metropolis, Illinois in 1884. He was at one time a Homesteader and later on wrote about his experiences, hence the title of the book. He has written several other books as well. He was the first major African-American filmmaker for both silent and "talkies" .  

Interesting information about Metropolis, IL. :

At the time of his birth in 1884 the town of Metropolis was a little over 2,600 people. Since then there has been several athletes in baseball, golfer, and NASCAR racers, etc. The hometown of Superman. As af 2014 the population is now a little over 6,300. 

Midwest Readathon Challenge 2016

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