Saturday, July 23, 2016

WIPocalypse Olympics/July Check In

I am excited as I had previously participated WIPocalypse and didn't think it was around anymore. I found it is still around, and they will be doing an Olympic event next month.

I will be participated in two out of three events they have from Aug. 5 through 21st.

Event One: Rotation challenge, so I hope to complete at least three WIPS (I have already started on two of them).

Event Two: Distance challenge where you only focus on one project or decide on a certain amount you want to complete.

I will be working on Mr. Santa Teddy Bear ornament for my nephew. I assume that I will get it done in the first few days if even that.

I have another ornament to start for my oldest niece. 

The next project will be for the distance event. This is a project that I have a love/hate relationship with this WIP for my sister, it has been in progress off and on for several years for a variety of reasons.

If I happen to somehow complete all three of these, then I will continue on this other project as well;


  1. Your Teddy looks so cute!!!! Good luck in your events!!!!

    1. Thanks, I might not be able to resist work in on him and perhaps get done before the event even starts. Good luck in your events as well!