Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan. Making A Difference Challenge Check-In

Previously I had several ideas of what to do for the first month of Making A Difference challenge; make a small quilt, donate money..then as I started to look around the house I noticed there was a lot of items I cannot wear or use anymore. Normally I am not one to do the whole spring cleaning thing, however I thought now is better a time as any. So I have went through a few of my clothes (still have more to do) and Mr.Crafts4others will be including some of his as well. All of the clothes will be given to a small non-profit that has a food pantry, women's shelter, emergency homeless shelter, and a thrift store.

If you want to join the Making A Difference Challenge every month or once every few months post on the 15th of the month on your blog and then once I have posted Mister Linky, add yours to the list of participates (either talking or showing items you have donated, something you made or even if you just donated money to a certain organization/friend, etc that needed it). If you are donating or giving money to a organization and they have a website please post their information in your blog post. Perhaps others will see an organization and then want to donate as well.

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