Thursday, January 24, 2013

Library books...

I couldn't wait to check these two  books out at the library when I saw them. The first book called A Secret Gift by Ted Gup is based on the author finding letters that his grandfather had from the great depression. His grandfather had put out a ad saying that he would give $10 to people who wrote to him and telling him why they needed the money. The author then tries to find the family members who received his grandfather's gift to see how it effected their lives.

Former  People: The final days of the Russian Aristocracy by Douglas Smith is about the nobility during and after the fall of the Tsar. We all know what happened to the Tsar himself and his family but what about all of the smaller and other major players? This book will tell some of their stories. It appears some of them were executed, others sentenced to the gulags, became "enemies of the state" and others fled.

I will be reviewing both of these books once I am finished reading them. Can't wait to get started! What books are you wanting to start read? Read any good books lately?

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