Sunday, July 14, 2013

Behind on Classics Club and other things....

I have gotten really behind in reading books that are on my classics club list. I was unable to finish or even get halfway into my Spin List book of The Railway Children by time the event ended. I hope to get more books read in the next month though.
Lest you think it is just reading that has gotten behind, it is also my crafts and love of writing as well. While in some ways I have gotten better in feeling better in others not as much or at all. I made this quilt block about a month ago. It only took me about a half hour or a little more with the sewing and cutting, but unfortunately paid for it afterwards by being in pain in my hands and arms that lasted for hours. Love this block though and hope to make lots of them sometime in the coming months. Enough typing for today as my hands are causing me problems now.

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