Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Receiving items in the mail....

who doesn't enjoy getting things in the mail? This excludes junk mail of course. A couple of years ago I found out about swap-bot.com, but lately I have gotten back into sending out swaps. In case your wondering what on earth I am talking about, you send various different items to people, and in return you get items as well. Some swaps are international and others aren't it all depends on what the person who created the swap decided. You pick which swaps you want to participate in, if mailing actual items isn't your thing there are also swaps for email. There are lots of swaps for a wide variety of things, I have done fabric and craft swaps, letter swaps, tea swaps, recipe swaps, book swaps, etc. Lately, I have gotten several lovely letters and books, including some nice Doctor Who bookmarks. I know most people haven't heard about swap-bot.com so I thought I should let others know about it.

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