Monday, January 26, 2015

Keeping English Paper Piecing Projects organized

If you have ever done English Paper Piecing you quickly realize how many pieces there are, and the need to keep them all together. My solution for part of this happened when I went to a local tool shop and got a plastic container for only $2.76, better than spending more money for the same item at a quilt shop. I organized my English Paper Pieces by color and I have enough room for needle, hexagons, fabric, scissors, thread and everything else needed in this container that fit perfectly in my purse.

Since I already have a couple of rows together I did need a bigger plastic container than the one above. I tried finding one in the tool shop that I thought would work but no such luck. So I ended up getting one at a craft store, it was on sale for $11 even though it says scrapbooking, cheaper than paying for the non-sale plastic container of the same size at the same store for $20. I keep the rows that I have already attached together in this bigger container along with quite a bit of extra fabric and the small-medium size container that fits in my purse also fits in this bigger one (that way if I want to take my whole project with me I can as well). So how do you keep everything organized?

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