Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Little Spring Cleaning

I have needed to clean out my sewing/craft room for quite awhile now, you cannot even see some parts of the floor nor even tell that there is a card table in the middle of the room. Since this is an overwhelming task I decided to work an hour or two every day. This is my first day's progress.

Before I started cleaning this is what the card table looked like.

After my one hour of work, I have made progress where there is almost a single layer of items on the card table. The items I am not keeping will be sold at a May quilters garage/yard sale. The items I don't sell I plan on donating to the guild. I have quilting, counted cross stitch and yarn items.

I think tomorrow I will be able to finish cleaning the table. This shot isn't the best as I am leaning over the table, the first picture was a side view. I guess perhaps I should have done another side view to compare them. 

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