Friday, April 24, 2015

Progress, New Projects, and Organization

So this post has you can probably see from the title is a little bit about everything. After making a few EPP (English Paper Piecing) projects, I have found that for me it is easier and faster for me to put the hexies into rows before attaching them together. Here is my latest progress, I know only one small row complete, but at least it is now a complete flower (assuming you don't count the sashing).

This is a new project that I started while on retreat, it is a embroidery panel I purchased for $7.50. The panel has various flowers and baskets on it. The one thing I like about this is that they already have the colored pattern on it. I need a little bit more thread since I don't have all of the colors in my stash, but only need a few as I have most. I tried to get close up pictures, as from far away you can't really tell what work I have done since the pattern is so bright.

 In trying to get more organized I decided that I needed to go through all of the embroidery/counted cross stitch floss that I currently have. Normally what I do is get all of the thread and put it with the corresponding pattern (with copies of original and copies) in a big ziploc bag. In deciding that I needed to know what I have and needing to put thread away once I completed a project, I decided I needed to have a better idea of what thread I currently own. I already had one thread organizer box full, but quickly found out I needed to another one. I still have a big ziploc bag full of thread that I need to place on bobbins and reorganize in the boxes by number. I went on the DMC thread website and printed a free list of all their threads. I mark away the ones I own, then I know what I do not have in stock for a current project. On each box I will list on a piece of paper what numbers are in the container. I think it will help in not wasting time before starting a project by going through big ziploc bags to see if I have the correct thread or not. I still have a long way to go, but think this organization will be worth it.

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