Friday, March 3, 2017

Learning the Purl Stitch....

I only started learning how to knit back in September, mostly getting inspiration from SlowTV and other youtube knitting shows. I have made several washcloths/dishcloths, a scarf, and working on two blankets. I have only worked on the knit and garter stitch. I decided finally to learn how to do the purl stitch, and it does feel a little awkward but I think only because it is new. Here is my first attempt so far.

I love the colors of the mustard and grey, never figured I would though. This is just a practice piece though and isn't anything to use. This yarn though is 100% cotton so it will no doubt be another washcloth/dishcloth. I am making a few to be donated to a Native American reservation, so far I have made 5 or so, this yarn will probably be the last one to be made before sending them. I love to make the washcloth/dishcloth and might end up selling some in the future. Do you have a favorite knitting project you enjoy?

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