Friday, December 14, 2012

Skirts and Dresses..

I have made clothes on my own, just one skirt with the help of my mom. Lately, though I have wanted to make my own skirts and dresses. Mainly for a few reasons; I am very picky on my clothes, my size is not always in stock, and the prices now are getting out of control for a nice skirt or dress. Here is some fabric that I have chosen;

I plan on making this navy flower fabric into a dress.
Normally I am not a pink person, but thought the fabric was cute with the green. This will be made into a skirt.
I love blue, as you can probably tell, so far I cannot make a decision if I want to make this into a skirt or a dress. I guess it will depend on if I have enough fabric to make it into a dress or not.
I started taking some classes over on Craftsy. I want to make an A-Line skirt , I will probably make mine longer, and the retro bombshell dress as well. Later on I hope to get some fabric to make a blouse.

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