Sunday, September 8, 2013

Joining others in reading Jane Eyre

Ok, I will admit Jane Eyre is my September Spin List book that I should be reading. However, I saw a fellow classic clubber Kerry was having a Jane Eyre read along. So I figured I would join in. I have never read anything by Charlotte Bronte. The only Bronte I ever read, was the book Wuthering Heights, and I was not a fan. Perhaps I will be surprised, and enjoy it after all.


  1. Hello, I'm reading Jane Eyre as well, and it's my first time too. I also was not a huge fan of Wuthering Heights, but I think I will give it another try after Jane Eyre ;) Happy reading! - Maggie @ An American in France

  2. Hallo, Hallo fellow Septemb-Eyre!

    I originally was visiting each of our blogs earlier in the week, when our Intros were posting, but I became a bit muddled somewhere, and forgot to keep checking back to see if we had anyone new join us! Thankful to find another 'newbie' who hasn't yet read the book! Even though, technically I do know of the story by way of the adaptation! I always feel that there is something to be learnt and appreciated within the pages of the book, enso, even I am on bated breath to see what unfolds this month! You can read the full story about how I found myself in need of reading Jane Eyre over on my blog! I hope your enjoying the first 11 chapters! Will drop back on Monday to see your post!

  3. Hi there! Like Jorie, I forgot to keep checking the sign-up post and missed you completely :(

    I'm also a newbie to Charlotte Bronte's work and a 'disliker' (ha!) of Wuthering Heights as well. Hope you're enjoying Jane Eyre so far :-)