Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scary October Reads Event

In thinking about Halloween next month, I have decided to host a reading event. Most of us have an author(s) or book(s) that we have not been able to get the courage to read. Pick out a book that "scares" you to read, it can be because of any reason; number of pages in the book, subject, author, etc. In signing up for this, please introduce yourself why you are joining, etc. The sign ups will close on October 1st. The first check in will be on October 1st, everyone will need to list then what book they are reading. After that then every Thursday in October there will be a check in event. Please then share your accomplishments, fears, etc. about the book you are reading. Hopefully, by the end of the month we will have achieved success in overcoming our fear of a scary author or book.
Please use the link below to sign up


  1. Love this idea! I'm going to tackle Shakespeare for the first time since I was probably 16 or 17. I wasn't a fan of him then, I'm afraid I won't be a fan of him now. But we'll see.

    Going to be tackling Hamlet over at

    Great idea, can't wait to see what "scares" everyone else :)

  2. thanks. Tomorrow I will be sharing what book "scares" me. Can't wait to see what everyones book is and what they think of it at the end.