Saturday, November 22, 2014

Night of Documentaries....

Normally I do not review any type of movies on here, however the other night I saw a few documentaries that I felt I had to share.

Mile..Mile and a Half

This consisted of 6 friends that take a 25 day journey hiking through the John Muir trail. They share photos and video of their whole experience, including talking to other hikers they meet along the way. Seeing the landscape was breathtaking and peaceful. The film was about an hr and a half. I rate it 9/10, a must see if you are one that loves nature. You can see this through netflix and I think also itunes.

Mile Mile and a half trailer

Tiny: A Story About Living Small

Think your living space is small, what about 84 sq ft or 124? This documentary is about a couple who decide to build a small (what I would call mini) house on their own with no previous experience. They interview other people who now live in small houses some made the choice due to economics, down sizing or environmental reasons. I thought this film was interesting, and you can get an update about where the couple is now on their blog. I did wish though it went more in depth on their decisions how to build their house and where they learned how to construct it, so rate it 7/10. This can be seen on netflix and itunes.
Tiny Trailer

Have you seen any good documentaries or films lately?

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