Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bout of Books Day Three Update

Bout of Books Yesterday I read about 40 pages or so, not as much as I had previously thought. I did make one decision that I will not continue to try and read Casino Royale. I am actually only in the second chapter, yes I know not that far at all, but I really don't care for it. Normally, for a book I read it halfway or even make myself finish a book that I do not like, in the hopes that it will get better which rarely happens. I have decided then that from now on if I do not like really anything about a book I will just give up on it. So what did I read instead? The Children's Railway, and I can tell it will end up being a fast read. So far I think it is a good book for kids who have never lived in or visited the country and also for those who have memories of times in the country. The siblings so far have been playing and seeing the trains go through the small town. I am sure some type of adventure or mystery will appear soon, so it will be interesting to see what occurs.

The Railway Children: Currently on page 54
Casino Royale: No Longer Reading
Dead Wake: Haven't Started
Lydia Bennett's Story: Page 8

Plans to read today The Railway Children

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