Friday, August 21, 2015

Another Classics Club Spin!

I love it when the Classics Club has spins and they are finally having another one starting on Monday. So what is a Spin you ask? Basically I take 20 books from my classics club list that I want to read and put them on a list 1 through 20. The books can be anyones I want, perhaps ones I am dreading or want to read, etc. Then on Monday August 24, the classics club will pick a random number 1 through 20, whichever book is on my list with that number I will read and then review by October 23rd.

Here is my list:

1. Jane Eyre
2. Sense and Sensibility
3. Wives and Daughters
4. Little Women
5. Little Dorritt
6. Kidnapped
7. The Idiot
8. The Pioneers
9. Five Little Peppers and How They Grow
10. The Rights of Man
11. The Secret Garden
12. My Antonia
13. Love Letters from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn
14. The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln
15. The Outsiders
16. The Magicians Nephew
17. The Death of Ivan Ilyich
18.  The Mayor of Casterbridge
19. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
20. Larkrise to Candleford

This time on my list I have added books I want to read and those that I am not too excited to read at all, as last time all of the books on my spin were ones that I wanted read.


  1. Jane Eyre and Sense and Sensibility are two of my favourite books! I also have Wives and Daughters on my list :)

    You can see my list here

  2. Great list -- you have a lot of my favorites. The Death of Ivan Illyich is wonderful (and short!). Jane Eyre and Wives & Daughters are two of my favorites. And Lark Rise is on my list as well. Good luck with your spin pick!

  3. Oh, I hope you get My Antonia. Such a good book! Good luck to you.

  4. Some wonderful books here! You'll have a good time. :)

  5. Jane Eyre and My Antonia are wonderful stories. As is Little Women of course and S&S.
    Happy spin :-)

  6. Oh wow, you have some great ones on your list. I don't think that I could choose between them! Have a great spin!