Friday, August 28, 2015

Classics Club August Meme and overall progress

  The Classics Club is revisiting some of their previous meme's and for the month of August the question to answer is by BookerTalk, "Have you made changes to your list since you first created it? If you added any new titles or removed some, why did you make those changes?”

I have not added any to my list, but of course added books to my overall bookcases that I want to read in the future. So far I haven't removed any as of yet, although perhaps there is one that I might end up doing. I have tried to read this book a few times and just can't get into it, The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I was previously reading the books in the order that it is on my list, but have given up on that. The last two years or less I haven't read as much as I would like, but recently did finish reading Persuasion, so far since August 2012 I have finished 11 books out of 67. I of course have quite a ways to go. Currently, I have started reading Little Dorrit for the spin that is due in October. What are you currently reading? Have you changed your list? If your not already a member you can join at anytime.

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