Sunday, August 2, 2015

Two Rows and Organization...

Here is a picture of the progress I was able to get done in the past two days or so.

I have also decided to organize a little bit. I love baskets and decided to use this one to hold some of my books, it looks a lot better this way than if they were just piled on top of a table. 

In the octogon tin I have put the hexagons I have basted or need to baste for my current project, of course it doesn't hold all of the fabric but more than a handful, it is handy that I can just reach for the tin and everything is right there. The table runner was the last gift I had made for my paternal grandmother, and I thought it looked good here.


  1. LOVE the quilting you've done. I have some of those and NEED/WANT to assemble them into a twin sized quilt. I forgot the name of the pattern - something like Grandma's Flower Garden?

    You have inspired me to get my house in order so I can pull out that long neglected project.

  2. Yes it is somewhat of a very small version of Grandmothers Flower Garden, normally the flower part has more hexgons around it. Glad you are getting out a projected so that it can be finished.