Friday, September 25, 2015

Penguin Random House

  At my local library a representative from Penguin Random House publishing company visited. We received a free tote bag and a book with a few chapters to six upcoming books. Some of the books now have been published and others haven't. After I read this small book with the chapters I will review my thoughts and a small description of what each book will be. They also had a powerpoint that she talked about sixteen books or so that recently and/or soon will be published.  There was about eight books that I overall want to read, and a few of them are part of a series, so I will need to read the first few books involved in those. I haven't posted much crafts lately but haven't been feeling well and I don't like to work on crafts during that time. I have been reading more instead. Later this upcoming week I hope to post a review of The Hangman's Daughter.

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