Saturday, September 19, 2015

IHSW September 2015 Signup

   I have not participated I think at all for this and plan on working on two different projects for a little while over this month's IHSW weekend. I am not sure how far I will get but I figure any progress is better than nothing. I haven't worked on any cross stitching for quite a while, mostly been working on a quilt that I have posted in my previous posts. Since I am not sure how much I will get done I do not plan on showing anything previous pictures of my current works in this post, although I will probably take some and if I get quite a bit done, post them in my progress post. Tonight. I do not believe I will get any stitches completed mostly because I will be watching a football game as well as watching the premiere of Doctor Who. As anyone knows these two items are really action packed so stitching is out of the question. Do you plan on participating for this month's IHSW?

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