Saturday, June 4, 2016

Classic Spin 13 List...

Another classic spin will be determined on Monday, June 6th and the book will need to be read by August 1st. Here are the rules for more information.

Here is my list, in no certain order;

  1. The Outsiders
  2. North and South
  3. Wives and Daughters
  4. Treasure Island
  5. Little Dorritt
  6. The Pioneers
  7. Jane Eyre
  8. My Antonia
  9. Larkrise to Candleford
  10. The House of Mirth
  11. The Rights of Man
  12. The Grapes of Wrath
  13. Little Women
  14. The Secret Women
  15. Kidnapped
  16. Barnaby Rudge
  17. The Oregon Trail
  18. Northanger Abbey
  19. Private Yankee Doodle
  20. The Prince and the Pauper


  1. I would gladly reread both North and South and Northanger Abbey. But I'm saving Austen for Austen in August! Happy Spinning :)

    Aeriko @ The Reading Armchair

  2. Such an interesting list! There's a couple on here that I really want to read and one or two that I've never heard of before - like Private Yankee Doodle. Sounds intriguing from the title tho!

  3. I've adjusted my list so that our one shared book falls on the same no. 18. It's so much nicer reading a spin book with someone else :-)

    My Antonia is terrific if you end up with that.

  4. You have some titles here that I don't recognize! I'm curious now about the authors of The Pioneers, The Secret Women, and Private Yankee Doodle. I hope you end up with a book that you love!

  5. Ah, you get to read Kidnapped, my favorite RLS! That will be great.