Monday, June 20, 2016

My Garden Vegetables...

I have been able to harvest a little bit of potatoes and green onions (which I had incorrectly purchased as I thought I was getting regular onions). So here are a few of the red potatoes and green onions drying out.

I picked the potatoes a few days apart from each other, and used them in two different meals. It was just enough each time for us to have as a side dish for one meal. For one meal I cut up the potatoes and just added butter with salt and pepper, the other time I had salt, pepper, paprika, chipotle paprika, and smoked paprika (this was little too spicey for me but my husband loved it). If you have never had homegrown potatoes they are fantastic. It has a lot more flavor and also when I tried one of the green onions even though it was really small it was very pungent (a little too much for me).

So have you ever tried homegrown potatoes or green onions before?

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