Sunday, April 2, 2017

Can't wait to try this yarn....

I found out that the local Walmart has the Lion Brand Mandala yarn (which only 500 nationwide have it, and Lion Brand is out of it completely until Sept.) and just had to get some. They had about five or so different colors of the yarn. I ended up getting two balls of each color, they are only around $5 at the store but on Walmarts website it was $10 (I think they have run out of them online). I also got a bright green and blue yarn by Peaches and Creme called ocean stripes. Normally, I get the big cones of cotton yarn (Lil Sugar 'N Cream, I think they merged with the Peaches and Creme company) for around $15, but Walmart had them for $8.

So I plan on making quite a few dishcloths, and haven't decided either scarves or more granny stripe afghan's. The Bernat baby yarn will be for another granny stripe afghan that I hope to make to sell.

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