Thursday, July 26, 2012

March 12 for 2012 Complete!

Finally completed Tinkerbell today. I do not plan on doing the backstitches as normally I am not a fan. I hope my niece likes her birthday gift (it is belated, but I gave her other gifts before). So far for the 12 for 2012 projects that I will be completing I have finished the months of Jan., March, and April. The next project that I will be working on for my 12 for 2012 list is the month of June. It will be a belated birthday gift for my sister. After that I plan to go back and work on the months for Feb, May & July to get caught up.

Here is a final pic of Tinkerbell;

Today in our house we are having a Harry Potter marathon, so I will be working on this project quite a bit today. I have already worked on it a little bit before today. Currently I am still on the M for music with the grey color.

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