Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Love for Books....

Besides enjoying crafts, I also love to read and have almost three bookselves full of them. This wasn't always the case, and at one time in my life I hated to read. Anyways, almost a year ago the Quilt Guild in which I belong too started a book club. It has been great and I have found some authors I otherwise wouldn't have normally read. Lately, though I have been thinking that I really do need to read more of the books I have. Of course, besides just reading a good book I also like to talk about them with others. So every once in awhile, or more if I like a book, I plan on putting in my two cents of what I thought. I may even now and then have a giveaway. Currently I am reading the following;

The Union Quilters
The Fault In Our Stars
The Other Mr. Darcy
The House of Tyneford

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