Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Making A Difference Challenge - Feb Pick

I know that I am late in posting for what my choice was for Making A Difference Challenge for last month. I chose to pick Better World Books everytime someone orders a book from them directly, they donate a book to a literary non-profit. I can also donate books to them in the area I live (this is in somewhat of a limited area at the time), pay no shipping no matter the cost (assuming I want to wait 7-14 days for it), and a lot of the books I can get for about $4 to $7 for used books (mostly I get them for around the $4 price). Most new books are around the same cost if finding them in a regular bookstore, but sometimes you are lucky. I am donating about 10 books to them, and throughout the year will probably donate more.

If you happened to participate in last months challenge, share your blog post by posting a link. Make sure to the url is a linke to your direct post in regards to the challenge.

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