Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pride and Prejudice Review...

This review is part of my Spin challenge from the Classics Club. I have never read anything by Jane Austen before, although I have seen the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice, along with the 2009 version of Emma. I can see why this is a classic, it had so much going on, and learning about the different rules of society (which I greatly enjoyed, although I did already know some of it). I often found myself seeing the scenes from the movie while reading the book. I enjoyed most of the characters, but of course not all. I do think that Mr. Darcy, Miss Darcy, and Mary were all in some way misunderstood. There were all unsure of themselves in society, for a variety of reasons it seemed. Unfortunately, it made them seem aloof, uncaring, etc., but I often wondered if sometimes they hated being unable to show their true feelings and thoughts? Was Austen trying to show that even though they were at the top or somewhat top of society, compared to the normal person, that they in fact were just as human? No matter the type of person, that sometimes we just don't enjoy social situations with lots of people. I was glad in the book it gave more insight into Mr. Darcy's thoughts, as I was previously unaware of them from the movie. I did like Jane's and Elizabeth characters, although thought Elizabeth was sometime's too judgemental. I was not a fan of Miss Bingley, Lydia, Mr. Wickham or Kitty. I thought it was too bad that Mary didn't have a bigger role, and at points throughout the book I would forget she even existed. I wanted to know more about her, and often wondered why Austen put her in, or if perhaps Austen was showing that not everyone fits into the "role" society thinks we should have.
Rank: 5 out of 5.
 rewatch the movie!
6th book for Classics Cub. Next book: A Little Princess
1st book for Pride and Prejudice bicentenary challenge. Next: rewatch movie
The Pride Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge (2013)


  1. I've only read one Austen book myself, Sense and Sensibility --I loved it! I enjoyed your thoughts and look forward to reading Pride and Prejudice myself -- I plan to read it this summer.

    1. Thanks, I love reviewing and also seeing others thoughts on books. I have yet to read or watch that Sense and Sensibility, but it is on my list. Have you seen the Pride and Prejudice movie before? I like the one with Colin Firth, but plan on watching the version with Kiera Knightley. Enjoy the book and happy reading!