Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My First Candle....

I had been wanting to make my own candle, but never tried it before. I finally took the plunge and made my own soy wax candle. I learned a few things that I will adjust in the future.These were the supplies I used.

I put the soy wax flakes in the big pyrex measuring cup and then made it into a double boiler. I think I used to big of a pot and to much water, it was hard to get the measuring cup out once the wax had melted. Next time I think I will try a smaller pot and less water. I went ahead and got some premade candle wicks, but either I had gotten the wax too hot or this brand isn't very good, as the first wick melted when I poured the wax. The second wick didn't do that, but I have had a few issues with it. I used the lilac scent and put in several drops, but I think next time I will add more, as it does take awhile for the lighted candle to have a scent. When the candle isn't lit it does have a nice smell to it.

This is just after I had poured the wax into the candle jar.

This is the result 24 hours later. Have you ever made your own candles before? I will have to make more later on, once I have perfected on how to make them, I plan on giving them as gifts and maybe even try and sell some. Later on in the future I might attempt beeswax candles.

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