Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Gifts 2016

I made all of the Christmas gifts in 2016 and already have a head start for this year as well, which was mostly because I had quite a few problems either finishing or finding the needing items to finish other projects. I made five pillowcases and I due have two more to make (the fabric was sold out), and several knitting washcloths, and several handmade EPP ornaments.

I made the pillowcases a lot bigger, but just have them folded in the pictures.
I made two of these for my nieces which they enjoyed.

This one was for my mother who enjoys gardening.

This one was for my Dad who is a huge fan, I plan to also get similar fabrics for the other two pillowcases I still owe my sister and her husband.

I made this one for my husband who is a huge fan of the Simpsons.

This is one of the ornaments completed, I made one for each niece with their name and the year. The one with the snowmen are halfway done and it was for my sister and her husband. I made one with bears for my nephew.

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