Sunday, January 1, 2017

Getting Caught Up...

I have quite a few posts to put up this week and perhaps more after that. I hope that everyone had a great holiday and New Year's. I did quite a bit for Thanksgiving and made a homemade Apple Pie for the first time, it wasn't all homemade as I didn't make the crust. I just put butter, salt and pepper on the green beans. I did something different with the turkey breasts this (now last) year, I took off all the skin and added a rub of different spices and cooked it in the slow cooker. It was really good and had lots of flavor. I made the homemade rolls, they were ok turned out more biscuity that I would have liked. The sweet potatoes most were the homegrown ones, but a few store bought ones as well, then I added brown sugar and butter to them. In order to save time though I made them the day before and they had more flavor.

One of my cousin's got married in early December and I was unable to attend the event, but made some hand knit dishcloths as gifts. 

I made two of each color and each pattern.

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