Monday, January 2, 2017

Temperature Blanket 2017

I am excited to start this year with doing a Temperature Blanket. Basically, every day you take the highest temperature in your area (some also due both low and high temp.), and knit or crochet a row with a particular color for that degree. Some even go back and due a "historical" temperature blanket of events such as a year someone was born,wedding, etc. I plan on just doing a garter stitch, and haven't decided if I will just due the high temp or both. Here are the color ways I have picked;

95+ Red
85-94 Burnt Orange
75-84 Orange
65-74 Yellow
55-64 Bright Green (it is brighter than the pic shows)
45-54 Sage
35-44  Bright Blue
25-34 Light Blue
15-24 Dark Blue
0-14 Purple

I plan on making a notebook to keep track of all the temperatures of the year and my journey, just in case I get behind. I think this is also a great idea to do this for crafts such as quilting and perhaps weaving. There is a group on facebook and I have seen a few posts on other people's blog showing the colors and degree's they have chosen. It should be fun and interesting to see how it turns out.

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