Thursday, May 18, 2017

Different EPP Pieces...

Normally, I only work from hexagons for EPP (English Paper Piecing) but decided to branch out. I forgot though that the way they are measured is vastly different than all of the other shapes. I already had mini charms picked out for the two new shapes 60' diamond and coffin. The mini charms I have for the coffin shape is no longer available, and consists of mostly light cream type shirting and blue fabric. The charms only consisted of 45 pieces of fabric, where most of the newer mini charms I have gotten consist of 75. I thought I would make a table runner and have one coffin piece per fabric, as you can tell from my pictures that I will be getting probably at least 4 or 5 EPP pieces from one square of fabric. 😂

They are 1" but of course not as big as the close up even appears. I guess at least I will get end up with more coffin EPP pieces, but not sure I want to try and make a table runner since they are so small. Normally, I do not work with hexagons smaller than 3/4". My next post will be all about the diamond shapes I got. 

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