Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn Classics Club Review

I have read this book for the Classics Club blog, and haven't read any books lately on my list. I am really behind, but hope to make inroads this year. Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn was a very short read only about 50 pages. While it doesn't give too much detail besides Henry VIII to ask Anne to be his or come to court, it does every now and then vaguely talk about other events during this time. Some may not know what they are or the reference, and no worries in the version I had it listed them. Although, for me I knew what most of them were since I love history. I am surprised though that any letters from Henry to Anne actually survived, I would have thought Henry VIII would have had them destroyed after her death or by other people throughout history or just the because of how old the letters are. There is only one letter from Anne to Henry VIII that has survived. In the book for some reason they put it behind all of the notes, which sadly I almost missed it since I knew most of the events they discussed I didn't need the notes section.

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