Monday, May 1, 2017

Nice and Quiet...

At the recent quilt retreat I went too. There was quite a bit of socializing, shopping, sharing of ideas, and laughter at the retreat. This was my sixth retreat I have been too, and last one at least with this group of quilting friends. The retreat is up in the mountains and the place is relatively quiet, except for the sound of birds, geese, and ducks, which this is surprising since they are right in town.

This is one picture of several buildings were we stayed.

The first retreat I ever went too I started making this coin quilt for Mr. Crafts4others. Eventually I was able to get the top pieced together, this was done in about three retreats (mostly because I miscalculated how much yardage I would need for the top and backing. It is the biggest quilt I have ever worked on and I wasn't working from a pattern. 

Off and on since last years retreat I have been hand quilting it. In previous years the retreats have been for three days but this year it was for four. I spent all of the time hand quilting, although I did take an EPP (English Paper Piecing) project just in case I needed another one. By the last day I was already working on the borders and felt that I was running out of fingers to quilt. 🙂 I have started on the second border now, but haven't done anymore quilting for several days.

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