Saturday, May 20, 2017

I have finally finished hand quilting this for my husband, I think it turned out pretty good. I love plaid/homespun fabric and really like the red fabric I picked out. It is a coin quilt and I did echo quilting on each rectangle, just straight free form quilting on the middle red rows, then I put lighthouses (I used burnt orange thread to have it show up) with wave pattern on the borders.I started working on quilting this a little over a year ago, but really worked most of it since last month. In the past two days and nights I have started and completed the borders. Mr. Meows normally isn't too social during the day, but he loves quilts, so he sat by my feet when I was working on this. Even if I knit or crochet he doesn't pay too much attention to the yarn. Even though I still have an EPP GFG (English Paper Piecing, Grandmother's Flower Garden) quilt I am hand piecing, but I don't have another hand quilting project to work on now until that is complete or I start on a smaller project and get it done. I guess my main focus will be on machine quilting my nehpew's quilt, which I haven't worked on since about March.

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