Sunday, December 28, 2014

Classic Club Survey - Part IV

Here is part four of my answers for the Classic Club Survey.

Favorite memory with a classic? 
I don't really have one, but I guess with all books the first time reading a book and meeting the characters and the word they live in.

32. Classic author you’ve read the most works by? 
I think this is a tie between Laura Ingalls Wilder and L.M. Montgomery.

33. Classic author who has the most works on your club list? 
C.S. Lewis

34. Classic author you own the most books by?
Anthony Trollope

35. Classic title(s) that didn’t make it to your club list that you wish you’d included? (Or, since many people edit their lists as they go, which titles have you added since initially posting your club list?)
I haven't added any new books or changed my original list. I would keep my list the way it is otherwise I might never challenge myself on this task of reading all 67 of them.

36. If you could explore one author’s literary career from first publication to last — meaning you have never read this author and want to explore him or her by reading what s/he wrote in order of publication — who would you explore? Obviously this should be an author you haven’t yet read, since you can’t do this experiment on an author you’re already familiar with. :) Or, which author’s work you are familiar with might it have been fun to approach this way? 
This depends on if the author wrote like a series of books compared to just regular books that didn't have anything to do with each other. I would rather read Sir Walter Scott or Zola in order of publication. If there is a new author and I know their book is part of a series I usually always start from the first book. 

37. How many rereads are on your club list? If none, why? If some, which are you most looking forward to, or did you most enjoy?
I really tried to limit myself on this and have only three. Out of the Grapes of Wrath, The Outsiders, and Treasure Island I am looking most forward to the last book. I vaguely remember Treasure Island but remember I liked it as a kid and it had a lot of adventure, so it will basically be like reading it for the first time. I have the Outsiders basically memorized and read the Grapes of Wrath within the past five years so I remember quite a bit of that as well. 

38. Has there been a classic title you simply could not finish?
I have tried three times and after one more attempt I am going to give up on Heart of Darkness. Also Great Expectations, although this wasn't on my classic club list.

39. Has there been a classic title you expected to dislike and ended up loving? 
Jane Eyre, not completely done but more than halfway.

40.Five things you’re looking forward to next year in classic literature? 

Read more books on my list, participate more and finish reading Spin List books, challenge myself to War and Peace, pick at least four books on my list that I am somewhat dreading and read them (if I end up not liking them than at least they are out of the way), complete reading challenges I have signed up for next year.

41. Classic you are DEFINITELY GOING TO MAKE HAPPEN next year?

War and Peace

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