Monday, December 29, 2014

Classic Club Survey - Part V

 Here are the last answers to the classic club survey.

42. Classic you are NOT GOING TO MAKE HAPPEN next year?

I probably won't be able to finish a either Heart of Darkness nor want to start reading Lord Jim (assuming Joseph Conrad's writing style is the same for both books).

43. Favorite thing about being a member of the Classics Club?

I love reading the reviews, classic spins, read challenges, and other events

44. List Five fellow clubbers whose blogs you frequent. What makes you love their blogs?

There are a few that I read off and on. Mostly I either am interested in the books they read and what to see their reviews, or I also enjoy the reading challenges they host. These are not in any particular order.

Adam - Roof Beam Reader

Brona - Brona's Book

Sam - Tiny Library

Fanda - Fanda

Marianne - Common Placing Books

45. Favorite post you’ve read by a fellow clubber?

I haven't kept track but perhaps I should.

46. If you’ve ever participated in a readalong on a classic, tell about the experience? If you’ve participated in more than one, what’s the very best experience? the best title you’ve completed? a fond memory? a good friend made?

I really liked doing a read along for To Kill A Mockingbird, it was really interesting and quite a bit of fun. Although this book isn't on my classic club list. I also enjoy readalongs or readathons where everyone picks their own pick or has the same theme, this way you can see all of the different books other people are reading. You never know when you might find a new author or another good book to read.

47. If you could appeal for a readalong with others for any classic title, which title would you name? Why?

Well I can think of a few, but if I ever hosted one it would have simple rules such as you have a year to finish it (no matter what the length), have a monthly check in, and review of the book once they have finished. This way to get more people involved who met want to participate but couldn't due to time contstraints (there have been times where I wanted to participate in a readalong but couldn't because the dates didn't work for me or they were only given a month to read a big book. Anyways, my picks would be Grapes of Wrath, War and Peace and Ivanhoe. I like cultural and historical type books (not textbook though), and with Grapes of Wrath I think you can compare somethings from the time frame to know so it would just be to get people thinking more. Maybe I should do one, would anyone be interested in joining if I made a readalong for any of those books for next year?

48. How long have you been reading classic literature?

Not counting when I was a kid, as I only read a few, then I would say almost three years.

49. Share up to five posts you’ve written that tell a bit about your reading story. Reviews, journal entries, posts on novels you loved or didn’t love, lists, etc.
Why I Read The Classics
Emma Review
Pride and Prejudice Review
Oliver Twist Review
Ivanhoe Review

50. Question you wish was on this questionnaire? (Ask and answer it!)

If you have a book that is not a keeper, than what do you do with it? I give mine to friends who I think will enjoy it, donate to local library, used bookstore, non-profit organization or church library. I always hope that even if a book might not be my cup of tea, that someone else will enjoy it.

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