Friday, August 5, 2016

Dinner Rolls Turned to Biscuits?

I have only made homemade dinner rolls one other time, and I made a mistake of not allowing a second rise, they tasted pretty good. I couldn't find that same recipe, since it has been more than a year ago, so I found a new recipe. This time I watched the video and would pause as I went along. When I made these last week, when it was really hot here, so of course we have the air conditioner on. I wanted to ensure that the dough would rise so after I covered it I put it in the oven with the light on. After the alloted time from the recipe it had doubled, once I had shaped the rolls I put them in a container and back in the oven with the light on. After waiting more than two hours, the rolls had rised but not doubled. I figured from all of my previous times of making breads it would rise when being baked, this however ended up not being the case. They were not light and fluffy but rather tasted more of biscuits that needed more salt. I had thought at the time the recipe needed perhaps more salt and maybe a little bit more yeast. Normally, for any type of new recipe be it bread or otherwise I always go by it to a T. Then, after about one or two times I adjust the ingredients per our tastes. I guess I should have done this when I had the thought this recipe needed additional measurements. Has anyone had a problem like this before?

 The dough waiting to rise the first time.

The rolls/biscuits after being cooked.

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