Thursday, August 4, 2016

Farmer's Market Finds...

The last two weekends we have went to our local Farmer's Market. We hadn't been there in a few years, and it had vastly changed for the better. There were more vendors, better variety and better prices. The first weekend we got; about 7 peppers, half a dozen corn, 3 carrots, 3 onions and 8 potatoes. The carrots were some of the biggest I had ever seen, but this past weekend I saw even bigger. It's like these carrots are on steroids or something. All of the pictures of these veggies we got for a total of $11.

This is a meal that I made using just some of the produce. I only steamed the carrots and it didn't need anything else for flavor. I had previously never had homegrown carrots before and they had a lot of flavor.

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