Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trial and Error on Homemade Pasta Sauce...

I had some cherry tomatoes that weren't sweet, (I guess there are different kinds apparently, most are sweet but some aren't) but didn't want to waste them. I looked up different ways on how to make your own homemade pasta sauce. I saw that several people but a wide variety of ingredients in theirs, here is what I put in mine:

Tomatoes - (I used about 8 regular size and 20 cherry)
Garlic (I minced about 6 cloves I think)
Onion (I just used a small one leftover from our farmer's market trip)

These were per taste:
Dried oregano
Dried and fresh basil

It didn't take that long for the sauce to break down, some of this might have been since I did purée some of it, while cutting the other tomatoes in somewhat small size. Most recipes I had seen said it would take about 3 hours, however they were going be a recipe and I think making more sauce. Mine was about two hours, but since I wasn't going by a recipe, and never made this before it took awhile to get it per our taste.

If you get anything from this post, and are inclined to make your own sauce, DO NOT MAKE THESE TWO MISTAKES I DID;

You can kind of tell when it is almost done as the sauce has reduced so much, therefore DO NOT DUE ANYTHING ELSE!!! I decided to use a store bought sourdough bread and then make it into garlic bread, I only spent about five minutes doing that, and wasn't paying attention to the sauce. Thinking five minutes wouldn't matter since as previously it would take a half hour or more for the sauce to reduce a little more than half the size. That five minutes reduced the size of the sauce to half again, so there wasn't enough for all I wanted for the pasta (I had thought perhaps I might have extra to freeze too).

Never make the pasta without the sauce being done first. I made the whole angel hair pasta package thinking I would have lots of sauce, per the above that didn't really pan out. I then just decided to put it all in one pot, thinking it would be easier to distribute but then it looked like there wasn't any sauce at all.

Here are some of the pictures while the sauce was cooking. It still had quite a ways to go, as I like the sauce to be in between not think and chunky but not thin either.

 As you can tell the sauce has already reduced for a little while, but still had a ways to go.

I tried to multi-task in making the bread and finishing the sauce. I don't recommend. 

The sauce was good but this was the end result of trying to multi-task and using too much pasta.

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